Treasure Hunting Is Good For Your Health

Looking for something exciting to do this summer? Ever try treasure hunting?

Treasure hunting will bring you good health, tons of fun and who knows, maybe a treasure trove! Yes, that’s right!

The kind of treasure hunting I am referring to here is metal detecting. I compare metal detecting as a sport right up there alongside golfing. Lots of walking and bending. Not really physically demanding, but the activity will be beneficial to your health. And the rewards will make you an avid hunter and at the end of the day, a very happy one.

Waving that metal detector an inch or two above the ground, sweeping it back and forth. It might take a few minutes, but then your detector emits a strong beeping signal. It’s letting you know that you have found something under the ground. You won’t be able to tell what it is until you dig it up. You pinpoint the location, fall to your knees, pull out your special hand-held treasure digger and begin digging… carefully unearthing the soil, maybe 4 or 5 inches in diameter and a couple of inches deep. You pull out your pinpointer and shove it into the hole to pinpoint the treasure… it beeps and you have just made a discovery. What did you find? A coin? A really old Indian head penny or a gold ring or perhaps a Civil War relic.

What are the benefits of metal detecting?

First of all it’s a great hobby not only for you, but also members of the family. It’s a family thing!
Great exercise. You’ll be walking, bending, squatting, digging and breathing in fresh air.
Excitement. You’ll be uncovering history right under your feet.
Adventure. You’ll be digging for relics on abandoned farms and fields (with the permission of the owner, of course). Also, detecting along sandy beaches, and other places that people congregate.
Whatever you find might be valuable.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. It all depends on how much you want to invest for your metal detector and other paraphernalia, such as headphones, a digging trowel, coin pouch and not to mention comfortable clothing and proper shoes. You don’t want to become encumbered when stooping and digging all day long. With your new pastime you will probably want to read all you can about metal detecting.