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How to Find the Right Copy Editor

Editing entails use of skills; intuition and knowledge. There are many types of editors. A copy editor is someone you hire to go over your manuscript to correct grammatical errors and check for consistency of characters and locations among other things. There is nothing more personal than your own creative work, hence the need to seek the services of a reputable copy editor to add value on your work. The number of editors has increased over the years and it’s not easy to set apart who to work for you. Here are tips to consider in your selection of a suitable editor.
Find recommendations. Ask around from established authors for recommendations of a competent copy editor they have worked with in the past. Joining a writer’s club in your location is a good way of obtaining the best choices of editors they work with on a regular basis. In this age, a good number of editors are keen on promoting their business on websites. Analyse content on the website to see if they offer what you need, in addition to reading about what previous clients think of the editing agency. If the editor is competent, he or she will not hesitate to provide a list of clients they have been in business with for you to confirm their ability. There are sites that give recommendations for editing services like Rachelle Gardner’s.

Choose an expert in your genre. There are different areas in copy editing where an individual can become specialized in. For instance, if you write fiction novels, you can choose to concentrate on sci-fi or mystery. This works well for an author who is unsure about how his project should be ordered. It would be a risky undertaking to hire an individual who has no experience in your kind of work.

Inquire about the cost. At first, you may not consider cost to be a determining factor in your choice of an editor because you prioritize quality. There are many ways through which cost is arrived at. One of the ways is by charging work based on the amount spent to correct errors. This method is especially preferred for individuals who have been writing for a while. For new writers, the words or page method is best suited for their project. Given that first time work is a bit messy, a writer would greatly benefit from using these editors.

Opt for an editor who operates locally. For editing to go smoothly, you must create a strong bond with your editor. It may be limiting to give detailed instructions of your needs over the phone and having a sit down is preferred. If an author is easy to reach, it means you can access them easily when in need of a discussion. While discussing on a number of issues, gauge the suitability of an editor to work as your partner.

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