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Everything You Need to Know About Fall Safety Harnesses with Lanyards

It does not matter what industry your workplace belongs to, there will always be risks when you are doing your job. There have been strict requirements created by OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Agency to ensure the protection of workers in the workplace. The use of a fall safety harness with lanyard is one such example, especially for those who are working between 4 and 5 feet or even higher off the ground. The use of these sorts of equipment benefits a lot of workers, especially those that do construction work and any job that involves being regularly high in the air. These safety lanyards and harnesses have been noted to not only prevent serious injury but also save lives.

You can find various kinds of safety harnesses. When it comes to harnesses that are meant to protect you from hurting yourself from a fall, they come with three various parts. You have the harness, the lanyard, and then the anchor point. If you talk about harnesses, there are four classes that you can choose from depending on your safety needs as worker. The first type of harness is most commonly used for those workers who only require a small amount of support. The falling risk that these workers go through are not that much. Nonetheless, it is better to use this safety harness with lanyard still for their safety.

For the second type of safety harness, this comes with a chest device. Having this device gives workers the guarantee that all upper part of their body is secured. Wearing this harness is most common for those who need to be lowered into any kind of enclosure or a building and then be removed using a low speed. For the third class of safety harness, you can refer to it as a full body safety harness. For this harness type, you will find straps for both the lower and upper torso. This keeps workers protected from more serious falls that begin at heights of 25 feet or higher. When it comes to the last type of safety harness, it is often similar in some aspects with the first type. Much like the first one, you can expect this harness to come with a belt. And yet, these harnesses are most commonly used by workers who need to go through more challenging areas while at work. The use of this type of harness is also very much common for workers whose jobs require them to be lowered into unsafe worksites.

If you talk about fall safety harnesses, you can always expect the presence of safety lanyards. These ropes are what is used to connect the harness and the anchor point. These lanyards are created with the use of different materials. Each material offers a certain level of flexibility and strength. The kind of safety harness with lanyard that you choose will once again depend on the kind of job you are doing.

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