Be Prepared With Outdoor Survival Gear

Choosing the best outdoor survival gear is very imperative. It can mean the difference between being the ultimate survivor and being promptly rescued. There are several items on the market today that can save your life. Many of these items are high quality and very economical.

Some of the basics that everyone should have for survival include a durable rucksack, life-straw, hydration backpack, all-weather tarp and an outdoor tactical head scarf.

Choosing Equipment

When choosing equipment it is very important to choose high quality over quantity. In other words, you should focus upon carrying the bare necessities. The necessary equipment that you carry will depend on many factors. Some of these factors include your physical ability to carry a particular weight or load. This load will be in form of a sport outdoor military rucksack.

There are a few basics that should be in your rucksack. These items include a life-straw and rapid hydration pack. An understated but very important piece of equipment is the outdoor tactical head scarf. To many it appears to be a standard scarf but it is designed for survival. It can be used to squeeze water away from mud and other substances for hydration.

The scarf can be utilized to protect you from the weather, used as an s.o.s flag and much more. To further protect yourself from harsh weather, an all-weather survival tarp is very essential. The tarp can protect you from the harsh elements and can be used for other reasons also such as collecting rain water.

Remaining Hydrated

A life-straw is a portable water filtration system in the form of a straw-like device. It can be used to drink directly from different water sources. This includes streams, puddles and much more. The rapid hydration pack is a small compact and slim backpack that can be carried as well.

Inside of the rapid hydration pack is a specially made rubber sack that holds water. The water that you have can be consumed in combination of the life-straw. You can drink directly from the hydration pack because it has a tube that is connected to it for fast re-hydration.

Be prepared, these items may seem simple but they can save your life in an emergency situation outdoors. It can be very easy for many individuals to over-pack their rucksacks with unneeded equipment. There are many gadgets that are on the market today and it is very important to choose what will save your life over the latest fad.