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Escape Rooms: What It Is and Its Benefits

What is an escape room? Do you know why these are very famous among adults and teenagers? In here, you will learn what escape rooms are and its benefits.

Meaning of Escape Rooms

As the name implies, these are adventure rooms where team of men and women agreed to be locked up in a room where they need to use clues, strategies and hints in solving puzzles to locate the key and to escape and get out of the room. In most cases, the teams only had limited time to solve the puzzles. Only players above 10 years of age are permitted to play these games. In here, you will learn more what these escape rooms are, why these are played by growing number of adults and teenagers, and the rewards of playing these games. These games are created based on real-life adventures to test the skills of players.

How the Game Works?

Only an hour is given to teams to solve the puzzles based on the hints and clues given to them. Only 12 players in each team are allowed to play and to be locked inside a room.

You have the choice to play the game with other teams or you will rent the escape room for all the sessions. However, there are instances where your team will be the only ones playing, should there be on other teams renting the room.

All teams should arrive early, at least 15 minutes before the start of the games. Or else, you will cause disruption to your team and the other teams. Always remember that no foods, beverages and alcohol are permitted inside the escape rooms except your cellular phone. Teams are also prohibited to take photographs inside the escape rooms.

To avoid the rush, teams are advised to book in advance before the scheduled date of competition. Players aren’t permitted to reschedule the games or ask for refunds if ever they arrive late at the escape rooms. Should you decide to quit, your game is over but the other teams can continue playing the game.

Knowing the Advantages of Playing Escape Rooms

1. These games encourage team work.

2. In these games, your problem solving skills will be enhanced.

3. Aside from developing your problem solving skills, you can also try your skills and wits when solving various puzzles.

4. This is also one effective way to boost the camaraderie and rapport among the members of the teams.

5. Should you want a brand new way to bond with family members, friends and colleagues, then you should try playing the escape rooms. If you quit, you simply need to press a certain button to go out of the room.

Should you want to play the escape room in the coming days, then be sure to adhere to the guidelines and tips found in here.

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