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Boosting Foods that Promote Your Memory.

Some foods have been known to boost the memory and cognitive abilities since these two decline as you age.

Most foods like pasta, white sugar, and processed meat have long been associated with serious illness like Alzheimer’s and loss of memory and you need to have a change if these foods are in your daily diet and get memory boosting foods.

If you adore starting your day with a cup of coffee or tea then you are doing your body justice since these two are memory boosters that will go beyond awakening your brain.

Caffeine will put you in a good mood because it will work directly with the neurotransmitters in the brain and boost the levels of serotonin making you feel extremely happy.

Blueberries is another type of food suitable for preventing the brain from aging, it improves your memory because the antioxidants fight against oxidative stress, degeneration and inflammation.

Not only does broccoli has antioxidants like Vitamin K which is a fat soluble vitamin responsible for creating brain cell fats that make the brain cells and improve cognitive functions.

Bone broth is a super food that is overlooked but it has numerous benefits like boosting the immune system, improve the functionality of your joints, lower the inflammation of the intestines.

Bone broth will help your body from inside out and it is recommended by health providers and will also aid in optimal brain health.

If you have only been eating egg whites then you have been missing a lot of nutrients found in the egg yolk which contains choline a substance that promotes brain development and vitamin B12 which helps your brain from loss of memory.

Rosemary is an herb that use for cooking and it has carnosic acids that protect the brain from neurodegeneration and defends it from free radicals, decrease chances of aging and reduce the chances of Alzheimer and stroke and as bonus promotes better eyesight.

Eating walnuts is essential for the overall cognitive function they are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that the brain needs to improve alertness.

The Turmeric is a strong and powerful spice that is responsible forgiving curry dishes a strong yellow color and it has strong antioxidants that has anti-inflammatory properties which benefit the brain., view here for more.

The spice turmeric improves the Alzheimer patient’s memory by removal of amyloid plaques from the brain and promote growth of new brain cells.

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